Mr Pun Ping Hung 潘炳鴻

Master Pun


Master Pun, the founder of "素書房", has set up the Calligraphy Society (素一椽) in Hong Kong since 1995. He has studied Chinese Calligraphy for half a century, and his calligraphy has been selected for the Hunan Provincial Calligraphy Exhibition and in the collection in the Qinghai Provincial Museum. He was one of the participating calligraphers at the 18th Zhejiang Provincial Wang Xi Zhi Calligraphy Festival. In 2007, he was invited by the Guangdong Province to prepare the penmanship in five different calligraphy styles on Diplomatic Relations under the Hong Kong Basic Law. In 2014, he was invited by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for his penmanship on a plaque for Shanghai on the commissioning of the "Shanghai Hong Kong Connect".