About Us

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education  (CEIE) is responsible for planning, implementing and co-ordinating Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) education activities for all EdUHK students.



To develop students with entrepreneurial and innovative minds who will:

  • Understand the potential of applying entrepreneurial skills in education and other professions
  • Be able to identify the steps for researching the potential of an innovative idea, as well as resources and steps required for introducing change in education and other professions
  • Recognize the importance of creativity and innovation, and be able to carry out needs assessment for innovation in their future occupations
  • Display the ability to manage resources needed for their university education and their future occupations
  • Be able to communicate new ideas effectively using a variety of media
  • Develop ethical and social competencies and capabilities



  • Serves as a resources platform for nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative culture among EdUHK students which will:
    • Enhance their experience and employability in education and other professions
    • Achieve excellence in learning and teaching
    • Foster innovation in research approaches
    • Improve knowledge transfer processes
    • Contribute to local and regional economic and social development
    • Create a local and international presence
    • Enhance reputation, competitiveness and distinctiveness of EdUHK
  • Offers students with formal and informal opportunities to learn and develop entrepreneurial and innovative skills, capabilities and mindsets in a problem-based and outcome-based setting
  • Co-ordinates and consolidates expertise and resources for E&I education among various academic and administrative units of the University


Expected Learning Outcomes

Students who participated in E&I education activities organized by CEIE will develop the following characteristics and skills:

  • Creativity
  • Design thinking
  • Ideation
  • Innovation
  • Resources planning
  • Risk management and risk taking
  • Socially caring



Support for Formal and Informal Learning
  • Activities to support credit-bearing Experiential Learning Courses (ELCs) on E&I co-organized with academic departments
  • Individual and series of workshops, visits, sharing, etc.
Organization of E&I Events for All Students
  • Visits
  • Exchange with external parties
  • Workshops and sharing by experts, e.g. start-ups, KOLs
  • Student fairs and marketplace
  • Competitions and pitching, e.g. product design, business plans and ideas, etc.
  • Regular updates to students on internal and external E&I activities via email and social media
Network Building and Matching
  • Experts within EdUHK
  • Practitioners and experts in Hong Kong and beyond
Provision of Resources
  • Online repository of E&I training videos
  • Virtual and physical library collections on E&I
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (EI Hub):
    • Provides co-working spaces and shared offices for students starting their projects or business
    • Located on Lower Podium Floor of Library and opens 24 hours
    • Serves as space for general office works, consultation, planning, group work, and meeting with internal and external partners
    • Houses a special library collection on entrepreneurship and innovation (EIH Collection)



For more information on EIEU, please contact us at 29486511 or email to ceie@eduhk.hk.